Quartz Cluster with Limonite Inclusion

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About Quartz with Limonite

Quartz with Limonite also known as Limonite Quartz or Golden Healer are quartz mixed with the mineral “limonite”. Limonite is an iron rich mineral, that is similar to hematite, an iron oxide, but with a yellowish colour instead of red. Though Limonite as a mineral can commonly be found, it is rare to find them encased in glassy quartz clusters.

Limonite Quartz are known to help align chakras and magnify the flow of energy through the body. It is a great healing crystal for those looking to deal every aspect of their life emotionally, spiritually and physically.


Weight: 25.8g
LxBxH : 32.0mm x23.7mm x 38.0mm

Country of Origin: Congo, Africa

Additional Information

The price listed is for one Limonite Quartz Cluster only, no other accessories provided. The photos are for referential purposes and the colour may vary due to lighting.

Natural stones are unique and can vary slightly in size, weights are approximate. All of Délica's crystal are natural and some natural imperfections may be present. This includes natural inclusions, surface marks or uneven colouring etc. 

For more clarifications, feel free to contact out customer service 

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