Lilac Whisper Bracelet

$42.80 SGD

Relationship + Peace + Inner Healing  

Lilac Whisper is a crystal bracelet of peace and love. The curated crystals in this bracelet metaphysically promotes peace, love, inner healing and reduction in stress. The lavender amethyst on this bracelet also helps inspire wisdom, intuition and spiritual insight. While the rose quartz opens the heart to love, self-love and friendship. 

Lilac Whisper is handcrafted with

  • Lavender Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Howlite
  • 14K Gold-Plated Parts


In picture: Lilac Whisper in 16cm

Additional Information
This product is an elastic bracelet, please measure your wrist with a measuring tape and give an allowance of 0.5-1cm when choosing a bracelet size.

Due to the irregularity of natural stones and variation in size, all bracelet sizings are approximate.

Do note that all crystals are natural and may vary slightly from those seen in the picture.

All our elastic bracelets come with a velvet jewellery pouch and extra string. Sterling Silver pieces will come with an additional polishing cloth.

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