Labradorite Sleeping Pebble

$14.00 SGD

If you're looking to fend off nightmares and/or have better sleep this is the stone for you! Metaphysically Labradorites

  • Helps you dream better.
  • Break stuck up energy in the body.
  • Balances and replenishes your brain chemistry.
  • Protect you against nightmares, insomnia and even sleepwalking.


▸ Put this stone under your pillow.
▸ Place this 
stone near your bedside.
▸ Or you may hold the stone in your palm to feel its energy.


✓ 100% Natural
✓ No Colour Treatments
✓ Crystal Healing Benefits

Country of Origin: Madagascar
Intuitively Picked

Additional Information

The price listed is for one Labradorite Stone. The photos are for referential purposes and the colour may vary due to lighting. Natural stones are unique and can vary slightly in size, weights are approximate. All of Délica's crystal are natural and some natural imperfections may be present. This includes natural inclusions, surface marks or uneven colouring etc. 

For more clarifications, feel free to contact out customer service

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