Gobi Candy Heart Agate Bracelet

$60.50 SGD

Gobi Candy Heart Agates, as its name suggests, are found in the remote Gobi Desert region in China. These agates were scarce and are prized finds for the nomadic people in Inner Mongolia and Northern China. Those who were lucky enough to find these stones would trade them for high values. 

Since ancient times, the Gobi Agate has been regarded as a protective talisman and is an excellent stone for re
balancing and harmonizing body, mind, and spirit. The Gobi Agate is also believed to help cleanse and stabalize one's aura. Eliminating and transforming negativity. One may also experience the heighten of mental functions, concentration, perception and analytical abilities.


✓ 100% Natural
✓ No Colour Treatment
✓ Crystal Healing Benefits

Country of Origin: Mongolia, Gobi Dessert
Measurements: Approximately 8mm bead size

Additional Information

The price listed is for one 8mm Gobi Candy Heart Agate Bracelet. The photos are for referential purposes and the colour may vary due to lighting. Natural stone beads are unique and can vary slightly in size, so all bracelet lengths are approximate. All of Délica's crystal bracelets are natural and some natural imperfections may be present. This includes, natural inclusions, surface marks or uneven colours. 

For more clarifications, feel free to contact out customer service.


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