Ametrine Star of David Cut

$28.80 SGD

Ametrine, also known as trystine or by its trade name as bolivianite, is a naturally occurring variety of quartz.

Ametrine is formed when amethyst and citrine come together to form a crystal. This gives Ametrine its signature yellow and purple colouring. The name Ametrine is derived from the stones AMEthyst and ciTRINE and is a rare bi-coloued  quartz only produced in one mine in the world.

The Star of David cut accentuates the clarity and cleanliness of the Amterine as it refracts beautifully under the sunlight. 

  • The balance of amethyst and citrine combined in 1 work together to promote harmony and restore imblanaces.
  • Believed to help ease anxiety and balance the emotions.
  • Provides support to help ones achieve their goals.
  • Helps unleash creativity and intuition.

Approx: 23.5mm x 27mm x 8.7mm


✓ 100% Natural 
✓ No Colour Treatments
✓ Crystal Healing Benefits

Country of Origin: Bolivia
Intuitively Picked

Additional Information

The price listed is for one Ametrine Star of David Cut. The photos are for referential purposes and the colour may vary due to lighting. Natural stones are unique and can vary slightly in size, weights are approximate. All of Délica's crystal are natural and some natural imperfections may be present. This includes natural inclusions, surface marks or uneven colouring etc. 

For more clarifications, feel free to contact out customer service

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